Accessibility Policy

Access Keys

The following Access keys apply to These follow the UK government recommendations on access keys:

S - Skip Navigation

1 - Home page

2 - About us

3 - Services

8 - Terms and conditions

9 – Contact us

0 - Access key details (this page)

Headings and navigation menus

H1, H2 and H3 tags are used to convey the document structure.


All images used on this site include alt tags and aim to be contextually relevant.


This website aims to feature text content which should be understandable for people with a reading ability comparable to lower secondary education levels.


The site's font and background colours should contrast significantly.


This site used cascading style sheets. If you're browser is not compatible with these, the content should still be structured and readable.

Forms and fields

Forms on this site have 'label' and 'id' settings to help when entering data.


All pages should remain accessible should Javascript be turned off. The use of Javascript has been kept to a minimum.


All links have been written descriptively to aid screenreaders.

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